Edition 22 & 23 accepted in Rome.

With a sense of quiet I report. Today, Dott. Ambrogio Piazzoni, Vice Prefetto of Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, accepted one edition. He and Mrs. Vincenti, Secretary to the Library, spoke in Italian and he accepted the 2nd Addendum. Editions 22 & 23 join Gutenberg Bibles with Hubay number 33 and 34. After the summer holiday, they will let me know if the Addenda will receive call numbers to be included in the library catalog for reference or if they will be treated as art objects.

In exchange, they gave me a beautifully constructed book about the Vatican Library. And a brief tour. They have over a million books in their holdings and 90,000 manuscripts.

Before the 15th century, all books were stored in a basement across from the present library. But of course, after the invention of printing, this was not enough room and the library has gone through many renovations to both expand its stacks and create suitable sites to study. They also have paintings of the head librarians, over time. Mrs. Vincenti used a special word for their title but I forget. I loved the overt recognition of the conceptual genealogy stewarding this place of thought through time.

Of note to my particular fondness for microbes, one room for reviewing old books had empty walls to ensure that infestations do not spread between books as different readers request different books. Microbes love cellulose. This I know well.

While I was allowed to take photos for my personal use, I was asked not to blog them. So instead I share photos taken from outside. I will say, there was an inlaid door that was simply astounding. I do so appreciate good craftsmanship.




As I walked back to my hostel, I wondered what is the etymology of “accept”. According to google, from Latin, acceptare, “take something to oneself”.

The following photos are from the two walls surrounding the entrance to the library.

Natural Sciences

Astronomy and Math

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