Month: June 2014

inked in black!

I’m exhausted and way behind schedule. However, last night, Addendum got its black. All 225 sheets. Compare the resolution of printing between wednesday (click on the image to see the messy ‘halo’ around the letters. and don’t be distracted by the double print, i was just saving paper): and Thursday Here is that delicious moment, when, your pile is almost…

trimmed and registered!

When I started at the Center for Book Arts, the first piece of equipment I saw was not 1 but 2 large board shears. They are incredible. Apparently, Paul Brubaker comes 1x a year with tools to square it up… Here are some of the sheets with deckled edges (I chopped 2 sides off so I could register the multiple…


So Lee made me some beautiful cotton and flax fiber paper on a 12×18 laid mold. It took her a week to make 225 sheet (beating the fiber, mixing the pigment, pulling the paper, couching the sheet, drying the paper). I love it. Now I’m cleaning it. It takes me 4 hours to clean 50 sheets.

Hot Press folio

Today I tried out different hot press foils on my Bristol 3-ply folio board. I want to order a magnesium plate using Textura font but that machine that can do larger areas needs a fix. But none the less, I know it works on my Bristol. I of course burned my self w the 300 degree block. image






Welcome to the Anthropocene!

The anthropocene is a name given to our time. Our time to drive Spaceship Earth as Buckminster Fuller so playfully and seriously wrote. An era, in my mind parallel to that of the microbial burst millions of years ago that changed climate so much that the planet became more habitable to evolve life as we know it. I am not…

Artist Talk, June 13, 6:30-8:30 Center for Book Arts, 28 w27th St, NYC

So Cecile Chong, Dahlia Elsayed, Swati Khurana, Kameelah Rasheed, and I will be giving Artist Talks this Friday June 13, 2014 from 6:30-8:30 at the Center for Book Arts. We’ll be talking about the work we made at the Center’s Residency Program. Come check out my newest works:   Tree, Addendum, Periodic Table Pop-ups, and a box-set of the Gowanus Canal. Below,…


I was granted a residency at the Center for Book Arts.  Today, I worked on the colophon (the descriptor text of a letterpress project) for my Addendum using Weiss Roman and Weiss bold 10 point face. My favorite part of my colophon is the bibliographic reference.  Much abridged as I used up nearly all the numbers in the case.  Setting…