Ed # 5 & 6 left at the Gutenberg Museum for review.

I had the delight of meeting Hannelore Mueller and Dr. Schutt-Kehm who were kind to receive me today. The Gutenberg Museum in Mainz has 2 of the 180 copies, Hubay numbers 8 & 9, so they were gifted Addendum Edition 5 & 6 to review. While there, I was able to go thru the museum and Hannelore helped me make my own print. I am sad to say the museum did not allow photos as I would have liked to publish loads of images of how printing has evolved as well as gorgeous multi colored plates of the life cycle of frogs, the most elegantly hand written Pearl Bible, the most clever book enclosures, a Chinese standing circle of letterpressed characters, and paper that has a whole portrait as a large watermark. Say nothing of my love of the differently constructed machines for various implementation.

Am running off to Trier to try to deliver there today before they close at 5.

I adore Mainz. It is a very sweet town and I highly recommend the museum. I actually cried when I saw the press. Thank you Mr. Gutenberg. You gave me, and everyone else, the word.

Dr. Schutt-Kehm holding the folio for edition#5.

The Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany.

Hannelore holding the print we made on a replica if Gutenbergs press.

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