Eat My 'art Out!




February 2010
Installation: x-initiative, NY, NY

Edible Art

Photo by David Neff

200 cans

In Process: 2005 to present
public libraries in the NorthEast USA

Renewable Energy


after school snack

September 2010

Edible Art

photo by Christina Vassallo


Get or Give Valentines

February 2010
Fine Art Adoption

Edible Art



Check out Fine Art Adoption that facilitated the SCENTED LETTER valentine dissemination:

Fine Art Adoption


Check out New York State Energy Reseach and Development Agency (NYSERDA) Biofuel Roadmap Report that I worked on, data from which informed the cheese plate and salad course of the Graphic Dinner.

Graphic Dinner

COURSE 1: Olive Plate of Annual Cycles of Carbon Dioxide

December 6, 2009
Installation: Brooklyn, NY USA

winogradsky rothko


Eat My Words!

January 2010
Installation: 18 Rabbit Gallery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA

Edible Art

Photo by Leah Brown

STILL LIFE at x-initiative, New York, NY. Three-inch letters made of my Grandma's Molasses Cookies spelling STILL LIFE are disappeared over 24 hours.

REDUCE at 18 Rabbit Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Three-inch letters of my Grandma's Molasses Cookies spelling the word REDUCE 32 times (2^5).

SCENTED LETTERS, mail art valentines. Three-inch letters of my Grandma's Molasses Cookies were donated on the fine art adoption website and mailed to the adopter or the adopters valentine (from Manhattan to Mali, these letters toured the world). To see the valentines sent, and the neat organization that hosts this art adoption, click here.

MILLICENT, for the Wightman Family Reunion, I cooked an 8 dozen monument of my Grandmother's name -- 1 cookie for every year she lived. There were roughly 50 people who showed up, a natural network of her industry that ate all the cookies away.

GRAPHIC DINNER at One Night Stand Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. To kick off the Copenhagen Climate Talks, I prepared a Six 'Course' Meal using scientific graphics to arrange the climate change driven dinner.

EPHEMERAL ARTIST: cookies spelling out text for the group show entitled COLLECTIVE CONSUMPTION at the DUMBO Arts Festival.

200 CANS at public libraries across the Northeast. Each jar contains ~65 calories of potential energy. Viewers were invited to take a can in exchange for filling out a card with what they would manifest those calories.